Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Crazy Dog

That dog to the right? That's evil Sid. Actually we got him when he was a tiny puppy from the pound and he is now 5 years old. He got his name because the kids were trying to come up with a human name and since they both have some musical reference in their names, my husband decided that Sid Vicious would be perfect for our tiny blue eyed puppy of sweetness.

Of course he has lived up to that name at this point. The dog is the strangest animal I have ever had. I've had dogs since I was 4 years old and never have I had one with this many neuroses all at once. It's unbelievable. He walks into the family room backwards. Every single time. He must be whacked just from the amount of spinning around he does. He will only enter the dining room by one door and won't ever walk clockwise around the table. He will only go up one side of the staircase. For a good 6 months, he wouldn't go downstairs unless I went up to coax him down at least 10 times. He'll only eat from his food dish if we are at the dinner table. He would rather have you hold his water bowl while he drinks, or better yet, just leave the toilet lid up. He likes peppers but hates lettuce. He won't chew on rawhide but he loves pig ears. He startles like crazy and barks at everything. He hates the mailman as well as any other dog and the occasional human.

My husband hates dogs and it is only a testament to how much he loves me that we have had a dog or two since 1993. I think Sid is the last one though. I'd be afraid of what I would pick out next.