Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Things continue to get done, which is a very good thing! 

Notice how the island has the open side away from the kitchen part?  Yeah, that's wrong.  It's backwards.  The open side should be facing away from the camera.  Of course it's already stuck to the ground so they'll have to fix it tomorrow.  It won't really be open but the part with the black will be where the microwave will go and the rest are drawers and shelves.  Should be good.

Part of the pantry got here today and there are lots of doors and bits of hardware laying around. 

Also, the powder room vanity was installed.  Not a great vantage point but here it is.
Besides that, nothing too exciting.

This is what I got on Friday.  (My birthday was Saturday)

He won't be happy that I put this in here but only a couple of people have the link so it's all good.  Anyway, I also got a homemade cake from my friend Mary, who is awesome.  We run together and I really need to get a leash so she can keep me in line better.  I tend to start off with a bang and end with a whimper.  Anyway, I got cake and flowers and dinner out (lunch too) so it was fun.  Although it takes me a couple of days to get used to the increase in number, it's all fine now.

Who knows what I will come home to tomorrow.

Wanna see what happened yesterday?

Progress. Shocking but true.

 Eventually we will have a kitchen.  It feels like it will never end and with everything else going on I feel like a ball of stress.

I've had a cold/bronchitis/whatever for 2 full weeks, I'm running a lot more miles to get ready for a 10 mile race in 10 days (and I'm having a terrible time of it), and my house has been turned upside down basically since Christmas.  I really need to get some sort of normalcy back again.  And maybe run shorter distances.  I actually threw up near the end of my run today.  What a lovely way to end 5 miles.  I bet that's more information than you really wanted to know.  I'm pretty sure this will be the only long race I'm ever going to do.  I think I'll just train with my friends but skip the stress of race day.  I'm not good at handling all of this at once.

I hope I come home to more progress.  Only time will tell.