Monday, May 7, 2012

The end of week 14

We are at the tail end of week 14.  We got counter tops on Friday and the refrigerator was delivered. As soon as they put the counter top on the island I noticed that it's off by just a smidge.  I think they can fix it fairly easily although now it will be heavier.  You should see these guys putting in the granite.  That stuff weighs a ton and it's really nerve wracking to watch, hoping they don't mess up everything else.  Plus I can't imagine how they actually manage to pick it up.

 The radiant heat in the floor was worked on but they have to come back to finish.  The rest of the painting was done this weekend as well.  I'm really hoping that the rest of the cabinets will be taken care of this week.  If not I'm afraid I may go into a homicidal rage.  Could be dangerous.  At least for the cabinet maker.  Besides that, we need the plumber and the electrician again.  The floor needs another coat of polyurethane and I'm sure there are other details that need to be addressed.  I actually just typed a list of for the contractor.  It's nothing major, just little things.

Who knows what will happen in week 15.  I really need to be done because there's a good chance we will have to host mother's day this coming sunday for my mom and the inlaws.  Could be messy.

Pantry - No handles yet but pretty

It's getting there.