Wednesday, June 13, 2012

19 weeks and still almost done

Someday we'll be completely finished.  I can't believe it's taken so long but little details keep popping up and my contractor is a perfectionist so I'm very pleased even if there are people in and out of my house all the time.  It doesn't really matter since they aren't bugging me.

Last Friday they picked up all of the trash that was left in the back yard.  There were huge blocks of field stone and the sad remnants of my demolished marble mantle back there.  Everything was so heavy that even if I had thought of something to do with it, we would have never been able to move it so I listened to my husband (a first!) and had them cart it all off.  It's sad and I wish I could have used it all but it just wasn't feasible.  They fixed the driveway and mulched around the house.  It's nice back there.  We still need more landscaping but you can only do so much.  I would love to plant those arbor vitae trees around the perimeter of the house but I haven't gotten around to it.  We have some but we could use a bunch more...especially on one side.

We have the floor guys there again today.  A couple of spots by the chimney and pantry area were a little messed up so they've been trying (so far unsuccessfully) to fix them.  Hopefully they'll get it today.  Then I really think we are only waiting for the painter.

We did buy a couch and a chair from Ikea.  I decided that spending lots of money on those things was not smart and the things I bought fit well.  Plus they had a deal where you could get a gift card rebate of $90 on the couch and $40 on the chair so it wasn't bad.  I still need a rug but haven't found anything I like.  I don't want an expensive one.  The kids and evil Sid are rough on the floors.  I got a coffee table off of craig's list.  We're picking it up tomorrow so I'll see how it looks.  Might need paint.

I did end up choosing to spray paint the windsor chairs I have for the kitchen table.  They are now a lovely semi gloss black and look really nice.  I need a rug for under the table as well.  I've been perusing because they are cheap and that's what I'm looking for but I want to visit homegoods again before I make a final decision.

I'll have to take some pictures again soon.  I keep meaning to but the end of school is busy and I just haven't had the time.  Maybe the end of the week when everyone is done.  I can't wait.