Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things to buy

I spent hours at Lowe's on Friday.  Why?  Because I needed tile and faucets and a garbage disposal and a hot water dispenser.  Oh, and some lights.

I chose a slate tile for the laundry room but of course after I carried 5 boxes of it to the car and brought it home I decided that it didn't really look like the display sample they had grouted.  It was far too bumpy so I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or not.  If I don't, I'm making Frank come with me to return it.  The boxes weigh a ton. I ended up buying the hexagon tiles for the powder room so that will be pretty. 

I also had to buy a new ceiling fan because the other one is so hideously ugly it can't be in the lovely room anymore.  And that's saying something because the one in my golden yellow bedroom is pink.  Dusty rose to be exact (it used to match the dusty rose carpet and ugly rose wallpaper...all of which are gone).  Someday I'll replace that one too.  I also got a new outside light for the back door.  Nothing fancy but nice.

Someday I'll post a run down on how ugly my house was when we moved in.  Dark green carpet, drop ceilings all throughout the downstairs and really ugly wall paper everywhere.  I mean every single room.  But that's a post for another day.

Countertops Selected! (Finally)

After much torture and many visits to granite yards, I've finally gone ahead and chosen the countertops.  We went yesterday and I brought home samples and I still liked it when I got up this morning.  Very unusual for me.  I've already bought and returned floor tile twice since I liked it one day and not the next.  Very fickle!

Anyway, I'm getting honed absolute black for the perimeter counters.  It looks like this:

This is river white and it's for the island:

I really wanted marble for the island but didn't want to deal with the etching and staining that goes along with it.  Anyway, the cabinets are quarter sawn white oak stained a medium color with a bit of a reddish under tone and the island is stained black so I think this will look nice.  I think my mother disagrees but I figure I have to look at it a lot more than she does.  Actually, she just doesn't like the black ones, she does like the river white.  I wanted soapstone on the perimeters but it's too soft and I'm not willing to deal with that.  Some that I saw you could scratch with your thumb nail.  I would prefer not to have chips and stuff all over the place.

Overall, this is such a stressful decision to make.  The cost makes it very unlikely that I'll be able to change it any time soon.

Anyway, another decision I can check off of my list.  Yippee!