Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is not a dog blog

I really never meant for this to be such a dog-centric place. I guess it's because I've had so much trouble with him that it makes me spew about it. Anyway, last week I made this stuff called "Chocolate Crack". The recipe is from Serious Eats. Very simple, very good, and according to 2/3 of my household y people, very addicting. You can get the recipe here:

It's really simple. Just saltines covered in a buttery brown sugar goo and baked for 5 minutes then covered in chocolate that you spread around when it melts. Deceptively simple and good.

Just thought I'd share. I wish I took a picture but I didn't. Maybe next time I make something good I'll remember to do that.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why my dog's life is so much fun

After the last dog fight debacle (see below), poor Sid started throwing up all over the place, he won't eat, he's a mess. I take the dog back to the vet (who is now wealthy because of me) and find out he has a parasite (and he lost 5 pounds...can I have some of that parasite?). $350 later I go home with 4 different medications. Dog gets better and we think all is well. But no. Apparently he has Fanconi Syndrome. This is an extremely rare disease usually found in Basenji's. You can google it. It's some renal tubule malfunction. Anyway, now the dog drinks a lot and pees a lot and it's all loads of fun. Nothing they can do but monitor the symptoms. Did I mention that every time I take him back to be "monitored", the lab work costs $200? I'm running out of dog related funds. Plus I'm tired because he wants to go outside at 4 AM. It's making me rethink dog ownership. I have had dogs since I was 4 (which is a really long time but I'm not going to tell you how long) and I have never had one that had this much trouble all within a month.

I have to take him back in 2-3 weeks which will be more like 4. Hopefully he'll be doing better.