Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Countertops Selected! (Finally)

After much torture and many visits to granite yards, I've finally gone ahead and chosen the countertops.  We went yesterday and I brought home samples and I still liked it when I got up this morning.  Very unusual for me.  I've already bought and returned floor tile twice since I liked it one day and not the next.  Very fickle!

Anyway, I'm getting honed absolute black for the perimeter counters.  It looks like this:

This is river white and it's for the island:

I really wanted marble for the island but didn't want to deal with the etching and staining that goes along with it.  Anyway, the cabinets are quarter sawn white oak stained a medium color with a bit of a reddish under tone and the island is stained black so I think this will look nice.  I think my mother disagrees but I figure I have to look at it a lot more than she does.  Actually, she just doesn't like the black ones, she does like the river white.  I wanted soapstone on the perimeters but it's too soft and I'm not willing to deal with that.  Some that I saw you could scratch with your thumb nail.  I would prefer not to have chips and stuff all over the place.

Overall, this is such a stressful decision to make.  The cost makes it very unlikely that I'll be able to change it any time soon.

Anyway, another decision I can check off of my list.  Yippee!

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