Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wanna see what happened yesterday?

Progress. Shocking but true.

 Eventually we will have a kitchen.  It feels like it will never end and with everything else going on I feel like a ball of stress.

I've had a cold/bronchitis/whatever for 2 full weeks, I'm running a lot more miles to get ready for a 10 mile race in 10 days (and I'm having a terrible time of it), and my house has been turned upside down basically since Christmas.  I really need to get some sort of normalcy back again.  And maybe run shorter distances.  I actually threw up near the end of my run today.  What a lovely way to end 5 miles.  I bet that's more information than you really wanted to know.  I'm pretty sure this will be the only long race I'm ever going to do.  I think I'll just train with my friends but skip the stress of race day.  I'm not good at handling all of this at once.

I hope I come home to more progress.  Only time will tell.

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