Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chocolate Sable Cookies

I've been eyeballing this recipe on the Smitten Kitchen website for a week or more and I had to wait to get my dutch process cocoa from Amazon so I finally got a chance over the weekend to make these cookies.  Why grocery stores don't stock dutch cocoa I will never know.  I'm sure I could have found it somewhere but it's easier to wait for the UPS person.
 Anyway, they were worth the wait.  I had a little trouble with the recipe and made a few changes to the original recipe.  I had to add an extra egg yolk and when that didn't make the dough come together I added two more tablespoons of butter and beat the heck out of it.  That did the trick.  I was worried the texture wouldn't be sandy and sable like but they came out just fine.
I have much baking on the agenda for Valentine's day.  These were just for us but I'm making a couple of things for my husbands 4th grade class.  It'll be fun.  Maybe I'll share.

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