Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Non Blogger

I'm fairly sure I'll never be a real blogger.  I can't seem to plan that far ahead.  I don't want to have Halloween in September or Thanksgiving in October.  I don't want pumpkin desserts and holiday decorations until the season is upon me.  Same goes for Christmas.  I lament the fact that it's Christmas in the store as soon as the Halloween candy is gone. Plus, I just haven't been able to get my act together to actually post the cute things I've made.  Anyway, here are a few from over the past months.

Yes, it's March, I know. 

I had great plans for Dr. Seuss's birthday but I ended up decorating a door for Frank and not doing any cute treats.  He had a student leave the Friday before and I made brownies and cookies so they could throw her a little going away party so he didn't want more sugar in the classroom which makes sense I guess.

It's almost St. Patrick's day and I haven't made anything green yet.  You never know.  It could happen but it won't be timely.  Maybe I'll surprise myself.

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