Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cookies 101 - Part 1

I make a lot of cookies.  Probably less than some blogger types but considerably more than the average person who never makes cookies or does it on special occasions only.  I make at least one batch a week.  Mostly two.  Gotta have those lunch box cookies and fortunately I have two teenage boys who can eat a full meal, complain about being hungry and then eat dinner.  It's a gift that they have.  Anyway, I always bring cookies to family things, school things, even just sometimes because I feel like it and I bring cookies to my friends for no reason at all.  They don't seem to mind.

Probably the biggest question I get is "why are your cookies always better than mine".  The snarky answer is because mine are filled with love.  The real answer is that you're baking them too much.  If you pull a cookie sheet out of the oven and the cookies look perfectly done (see photo), they're already too far gone.  They continue to cook on the baking sheet after you remove them from the oven so they will be over baked by the time you get them on the cooling rack.  You need to take them out when they're kind of gooey looking in the middle.  Don't be afraid of the raw middle.  It's your friend. 

That's my tip of the day.

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