Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We survived week 4 - and Where's Sid?

We just concluded our 4th week without a kitchen.  It's not fun.  Not fun at all.  I've fried another power strip and everything is covered with white/gray dust.  It's exhausting but we are finally all closed in.  We have siding and windows and a roof.  Most of the radiant heat stuff has been laid and we have plywood floors.  We are getting electric run today and tomorrow and if all goes well, the drywall will go up starting on Monday.  It's starting to make more sense in there. 

My husband told me the other day that apparently I have not accepted the limitations that I have been placed under.  I'm still cooking about 5 days a week.  Lots of simpler stuff although you can definitely make a white sauce in the microwave.  Bet you never tried that.  You can also boil pasta in there if you have a big enough bowl.  It's worked fairly well.

Wondering how the dog is dealing with this?  Sid has been spending his days with my friend Lillian.  She's a truly lovely person and is doing me the hugest favor since lately Sid has taken to darting through the plastic opening that is supposed to be separating us from the construction.  It's all fine when people like dogs but if they don't he seems to sense that and acts like an ass.  Anyway, he's enjoying his days with Lillian, getting treats and lots of walks.  The first week he howled when I left him but like any kid who goes to preschool, he got the hang of it and now could care less if I leave or not.

So, what are we having for dinner you ask?  I've successfully made the following:
- Lots of chicken and steak and stuff on the grill
- Baked potatoes
- Steamed Veggies
- Chicken Stir Fry
- Cajun Chicken Sandwiches (one of my absolute favorite things)
- Breakfast for dinner
- Spaghetti
- Macaroni & Cheese (from scratch)
-  Potato Salad
- Asian Noodle Salad
I also baked a carrot cake in my little toaster like oven. Who knows what I will come up with next.  I refuse to surrender to the confines of the basement kitchen.  I will win even if I end up with a concussion in the process.

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