Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Survived Week 6

It just keeps going.  I spent 3 hours with the electrician and the rest of the gang discussing placement of recessed lights and switches and outlets.  It really took that long.  I never really thought about all of that stuff before.  I really just want to be able to turn on the lights when I walk in a room.  We actually do have all of the electrical work done so you can turn on lights in there now.  I just ordered the fixtures that I need.  I hope they get here in time.  I bought all period reproduction lighting from  They are really pretty.

I recently started shopping for countertops too.  That's an ordeal.  It seems the more choices I have in front of me, the more confused I get.  I think I've finally narrowed it down though.  Now I just have to choose a fabricator.  Anyway, I also need tile for the laundry area and the powder room.  Since my house is old, I'm thinking of going with this mosaic tile for the powder room.  I'll probably regret it when I have to clean it.
This is what I want for the laundry area but I'm having a hard time finding exactly what I like when I actually see it.
I brought some tile home last weekend but by the next day I hated all of it.  Who knows what I'll end up with.

I'm still bashing my head in every day in the basement.  It's awesome.

Maybe I'll have walls when I go home today.  I can dream, can't I?

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