Saturday, April 28, 2012

The old in depth look at awful

I realized that I had pictures of the old kitchen from when we were starting to clear things out.  It looks completely hideous but here you go.  I don't usually have a tv on the kitchen table nor are my countertops completely cluttered with stuff but when you're packing up, they just might be.  Also, just for reference, the dining area had a computer desk and a bakers rack/bookshelf on the left so it was even more cramped than it looks in this picture.

The lovely dining area

The kitchen in real life..packing up, not a hoarder.
This is the powder room.  The former owners were fond of the corner sink.
See that wooden thing?  That held the microwave.  My BIL sat on it in 1993 and it's never been the same.
More pretty.  The laundry was behind those doors that stick out on the right.
The empty dining area.  Still ugly but better than the plain paneling was.

Ok, off to watch the Phillies.  Hopefully they will win.  They currently are but there's still time.

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