Saturday, April 28, 2012


On Friday morning I found out I needed to have paint colors picked out in time for the painter to come on Saturday.  I met with the builder and we discussed the plans for the laundry room as well as some other issues that turned out not to be issues at all. 

Most of the time when I make design type decisions, I need to sleep on it a couple of days and make sure I still like it.  I didn't have time for that so my kitchen designer, who was coming over anyway to confirm granite samples, helped me make some quick decisions.  I had some ideas but I wasn't sure if they would coordinate well enough.  We had a big book of color samples but I was still having trouble so we ran out to Home Depot to get a sample of white marble to put up as the backsplash since the tile isn't here yet and then picked out a bunch of Martha Stewart paint sample chips.  I was pretty ok with the kitchen colors because there were 2 greens that were a shade apart that I liked it but I was having trouble with the laundry and powder room.  I couldn't decide before I went to bed and I had to meet a running group at 7:30 this morning so I waited until I woke up and then put sticky notes on all of the walls so they would know which colors to use where.  The painters were really nice and when I got home at 9:30 they were well on their way with primer on the walls and trim.  They didn't actually paint the trim besides primer since they will be back to do the family room later on.

Here's what I picked.

Hopefully I will have some doors on by the time I get home on Monday.  My Mom hasn't seen anything in there in a while so I'm anxious to see what she thinks tomorrow when she comes over to dinner.  I don't think she's been here in a month since we've done stuff either out or at her house since then.

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